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Players start the game with a farming couple living in a two-roomed hut. Each round, they take turns to place their family members on action spaces to get resources and improve and grow their households. Only one family member can occupy each action space within the same round, so players need to time their actions to get maximum profit while denying progress to the opponents. The game is played in 14 rounds, divided by 6 harvests. At each harvest, food is grown, people are fed, and animals multiply. Players lose victory points if they have trouble feeding their family, which makes food production a major point of tension in the game. At the end of round 14 comes the final harvest after which victory points are counted. Scoring in Agricola rewards a middle of the road strategy. Players are penalized for not focusing on any one aspect of the game, and stop scoring in any area they focus on too much. The player with the most balanced and prosperous farm wins.

[Source: Wiki]

Game Genre: Strategy

Recommended Age: 12+

Estimated Play Time: 30-150 min

Number of Players: 1-5

Game Difficulty: Medium

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